Why I Made This Site


Well, there were several reasons honestly. The most basic being I needed something creative to keep my mind active when I get home from work. Plus, it’s cheaper to cook and healthier to cook from home instead of going out every night (well not quite that often but you get the idea).

I also need to expand my cooking skills. It’s typically a bit basic, yet efficient. The “fancy” cooking is only ever for a date or holiday.

What you’ll find on this site:

A lot of recipes I’ve made at some point or another. Some may have been handwritten on a post-it, bookmarked somewhere, stuffed between pages of a book, emailed to myself or from a friend, or wherever. They were scattered around and I finally decided it’d be best to stored them all in one place.

Right now, my main goal is to just get the recipes onto the website. The next steps would be to add at least a main photo of the finished dish to the post as well a few other photos of the cooking process.

Some background:

I did have this website setup just locally but my database kept corrupting and I couldn’t exactly access the ingredients list from my phone while at the store. Thankfully Google Chrome has a good mode to test how it’ll display on a phone so it should display well but if not I’ll make sure to adjust as best I can.

The sidebar has some fairly standard categories based on the course type, an option on the sidebar to select from a list of ingredients (each of the recipes has it’s ingredients listed as tags for easier searching), and an option to search by whatever text you want. This search will sort by relevance

This “blog” category will likely just be some observations and recommendations I come across during this cooking adventure.

Some of the pictures will likely be from my sis. She’s especially good at cooking but tends to keep the photos or share them on her facebook. The background image is one of hers – though I did blur it myself to keep it from looking too busy (the original is super high resolution). She does photography and has the good camera. Her photography biz facebook page is here: KMG Photography