Onions + LASIK

Today was the first time I’ve cooked any sort of significant amount of onion since getting LASIK.

If you’ve never had LASIK (or are considering) you should know that after LASIK your eyes are very dry. Mine used to water quite a bit so contacts making them dry and later LASIK keeping them dry wasn’t much of an adjustment… but then came the 1.5 cups of finely diced onions required for the Ginger Spiced Carrot recipe.

Aww man… I have never cried because of onions before. Ever!

I honestly had to stop and leave the room, wash my hands super well, then wash my face and flush my eyes several times. I was a gross mess – my sinuses felt great though ๐Ÿ™‚

A coworker had a good laugh and highly recommended I refrigerate the onion for a few hours beforehand so the fumes aren’t so strong. I have another onion and plenty of ingredients for that recipe still so I’ll likely give it another go and see how refrigerating affects the flavor/smell. Update on this to come soon

Update: refrigerated onions didn’t seem to change the flavor at all and there were significantly less fumes ๐Ÿ™‚

Separately, and not a spokesperson, I got my LASIK done at LASIK Vision Instituteย and highly recommend them!