Website Customizations

So I’ve been casually adding to the site for a while now and while I’ve been adding I’ve also been customizing the website coding to get it to do and display exactly what I want. That’s resulted in a lot of web searches and I know that if I’ve been searching then others have too.

It occurred to me earlier that I should probably start sharing what I’ve learned so others may find it a bit quicker. I won’t pretend to be an expert but perhaps it’ll be a good starting point for someone else’s endeavors. So going forward, be prepared for more technical posts, starting now!

The website itself is built on WordPress with a highly customized “Gridster” theme. Starting out, I knew that any update to the theme would replace the work I’d done so I went to the theme’s style.css page and upped the version number to something truly ridiculous so there’s no risk of it being overwritten later. Meanwhile, I refuse to customize the WordPress Core since (as the name implies) is the most important part of the website and while new features are always nice I do not want to miss out on the security updates. The most recent one (as of today) provided some great tools to help with GDPR (more thoughts on that later).

Comments may be enabled on these more technical posts however I can’t make any promises so please make sure to backup your content before trying anything! Backup, backup, backup!

Thanks for reading!