Preparing Tapenade

This one was super easy.

Here’s the recipe: Tapenade

A while ago I was dining at some restaurant nearby and one of the appetizers included some mysterious “olive paste” that tasted absolutely delicious. I had to ask our server what it was and immediately looked up the recipe.

Aside from the anchovy paste, all the ingredients seem pretty standard. Olives, lemon juice, parsley, garlic..). And from there you basically just mash them together into a paste. It reminds me of pâté but for vegetarians.

Yes, the recipe does, technically say to use a blender but I didn’t want to bother getting another dish dirty and prefer it to be a bit chunkier. The first version of the recipe called for far fewer capers but I am not opposed to adding more so I upped it to 3 teaspoons. I know a lot of people would always prefer to have more garlic, but try your best to refrain. The lemon juice more than makes up for it, trust me.

I spread this on some crostinis I’d prepared in a pan with nothing more than butter. I know I had other food with dinner than night but it wasn’t nearly as memorable as the tapenade – which probably constituted most of the meal. I hope you like it as much as I did 🙂